August 9-12, 2017


Get Involved

There are so many different ways to be part of Summerfest!

Become a Host Family

Hosting Summerfest International performers will give you and your family the opportunity to experience the culture in a personal way.

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Come enjoy the Festival from the inside out! Assist the performers backstage, interact with local artists, help out at the Children’s Art Yard & more!

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Become a Food Vendor

Summerfest includes a variety of delicious foods from interesting cultures all over the world. Find out how to become a food vendor and share your own cuisine with the crowds at Summerfest.

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Become an Art Vendor

At Summerfest we showcase some of Utah’s best artists and craftsmen. Find out how you can become an art vendor and share your incredible talent with the all the people at Summerfest.

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Donate or Sponsor

For decades, Summerfest has helped communities and individuals share and sustain traditional arts. Sponsors and donors support the Festival and BDAC’s mission and vision—to strengthen our communities through arts and culture.