CONGRATULATIONS to the accepted artists of the 2017 Statewide Competition! This was our most competitive year yet, with a record number of applicants. Thank you to Peter Everett for his vision in selecting the pieces below:
Alexis Mendenhall, Fresh
Anna Allred, Knot
Lily Shaffer, Couchoon 1
Oonju Chun, From the Gut
Paul Vincent Bernard, Liberty
Jane Christensen, Red Rocks
Tanner Williams, Metastasis 1 & 2
Tanner Williams, Skin Cradle2 for Domestic Life
Jenna von Benedikt, The Feathered Train
Megan Livingston, Grandma Diane with Superman
Christopher Kanynusik, Drip/Drop
Christopher Kanyusik, Drip/Drop (pedestals)
Vincent Mattina, Goliath
Christopher Thornock, Lime
Christopher Thornock, Dracaena
Naomi Anson, Building Bridges
Erin W Berrett, Bountiful
Rod Heiss, Sit will come out
Casey Jex Smith, Cat Cross
Linnie Brown, The Privilege of Conveyance
Mitchell Barton, Untitled
John Ballif, Untitled (Eliot Spitzer with Family)
Zachary Olpin, A Few Weeks or Months
Abigail Mitchell, Chloe in the Afternoon
K Stevenson, Memory Bed#4/Falling Awake
Kristen Batt, The Wanderer
Adam Watkins, Patience
Brandon Boulton, A Rival Departing
Josephine Bradbury, Conflicting Patterns
Clara May, Solar
Kheng Saik Lim, Power
Kheng Saik Lim, Elucidation of Self
Cara Krebs, Cenote Correoso
Ellie Goldrup, Several Attempts at Becoming Cohesive
Downy Doxey-Marshall, Clothe
Anne Wing, The Pier
Anne Wing, Artifacts
Sue Martin, Erosion-15
Troy Forbush, When Disguised
Adam Bateman, Study on a field no 12
Howard Fullmer, Americas Past-time
Justin Wheatley, Following the Leader
Justin Wheatley, The Plat
Camille Wheatley, Counterpane
Trent Alvey, Domicile III
Maura Ludwig, Interior
Allan Ludwig, Lost Bricks
Sarah Waldron, My Size Pizza
Lexi Johnson, Patio
Ross Wren, Haystack, sentient 11
Ross Wren, Atmos 1
Winners will be announced at the opening reception May 19 6-8 pm. We invite all artists who applied to join with us to celebrate.
If your art is listed here please make arrangements to bring the work to Bountiful Davis Art Center (90 N Main St. Bountiful) on May 5, 6, or 8 between 10 am and 5 pm. Email or call us with questions: 801.295.3618.