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Stage Expansion and a Second Piano!

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Stage Expansion and a Second Piano!

Bountiful Davis Art Center (BDAC) is pleased to announce an exciting project made possible by a generous donation from the Bill and Connie Timmons Foundation in Greenville, South Carolina.  Christie Mullen, a principal in the foundation, offered to purchase a second Steinway grand piano at BDAC to facilitate two-piano recitals and concerts.  In addition, the foundation will pay for the acoustical treatment to improve the sound as well as expand the stage to accommodate both pianos.  Emma Dugal, BDAC Executive Director and Heather Smith, BDAC Vice-Chair enlisted James Christensen, of Smith-Hyatt Architects (also a BDAC board member) to design the stage expansion.

The recital stage at BDAC is named after Professor Lenora Ford Brown.  Professor Brown is a concert pianist, recording artist, arranger, composer and master teacher, and has taught at the University of Utah for over 40 years. Contributions from many of her former and current students, colleagues, family, and friends were used to name the stage after her for the next 50 years and to purchase the first Steinway grand piano.  Christie Mullen, a former student of Professor Brown, is committed to ensure her legacy as a devoted and influential teacher of hundreds of students.

Work began on the stage expansion on Dec. 26 and should be completed in mid- January.  Knowlton General was hired to do the construction.

Over the past 18 months, BDAC has become the premier performance space in Davis County. It is in high demand by teachers for their studio recitals, and for other professional performing artists who book the space for their concerts.  BDAC is pleased to be able to provide this venue to its patrons and the community.

It is with deep gratitude that BDAC accepts this generous donation and acknowledges the support of Christie Mullen, the Timmons Foundation, and all those who contributed to this effort.

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