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PRESS RELEASE: Davis County Tourism and Tax Advisory Board Contribution

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PRESS RELEASE: Davis County Tourism and Tax Advisory Board Contribution

l-r: Commissioner Bret Millburn, Commissioner John Petroff, Emma J. Dugal – BDAC Director, Jon Bouwhuis-BDAC Chair, Commissioner Jim Smith

Earlier last month, Marlin Eldred, Davis County Community and Economic Development Director, presented a donation request from Bountiful Davis Arts Center during a Davis County Commission meeting.  The request had been reviewed by the Davis County Tourism and Tax Advisory Board (TTAB) who made the recommendation of a $25,000.00 donation to go towards the renovation costs of the new Bountiful Davis Arts Center location in Bountiful.

In an earlier meeting Marlin Eldred also said that the Bountiful Davis Arts Center is one of those quality of life gems we have in Davis County.  This center offers a great opportunity for our community and residents to participate in the cultural arts.  Having received a request from the BDAC, our office sends the request on to the Tourism Tax Advisory Board who then made a recommendation to the Commissioners to support the donation request of $25,000.00.

Bountiful Davis Art Center is now situated in its newly renovated and permanent home at 90 No. Main Street.  It has enjoyed a very positive response from the community.  The new recital stage and piano will provide opportunities for music recitals and concerts.  A recent 88 hour Piano-A-Thon helped to raise the remaining funds needed to purchase a Steinway grand piano.  Art exhibits, classes, workshops, and the popular Bountiful Davis Summerfest International festival that will take place in early August, round out the offerings and programs that BDAC provides.

TTAB Mission Statement:  The mission of the Tourism Tax Advisory Board is to support the position of Davis County by defining and recommending appropriate use of funding mechanisms to promote tourism and growth the tourism tax base in Davis County.

BDAC is very appreciative of the support from Davis County for this recent grant to help towards the costs of the renovation under the recommendation of the Davis County Tourism Tax Advisory Board to increase tourism in the county.

For more information contact BDAC – 801 295-3618, info@bdac.org

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