Steinway Grand Piano Fundraiser

We invite you to join musicians and music enthusiasts in the Bountiful/Davis Art Center (BDAC)

Steinway Grand Piano Fundraiser


Please help us raise $100,000 for the purchase of a Steinway grand piano, artist benches, audience chairs, lights, and recording equipment.

Meeting the Needs of the Community

A Steinway Opportunity

There are no suitable public locations in the community where musical arts can be performed in small, intimate settings.

With your support, BDAC has the opportunity to create a premiere recital stage in Davis County.

A recital stage located within BDAC’s main art gallery and featuring a Steinway grand piano will allow for a unique combination of musical and visual arts in a one-of-a-kind venue.

The Recital Stage

As part of the renovation, a raised recital stage is being constructed.

The recital stage is approximately 18 feet wide by 15 feet deep and sits one foot above the gallery floor.

The gallery area, adjacent to the stage, will have enough space to accommodate 125 audience chairs.

A New Constituency

The recital stage will attract musical artists and community members who will enjoy the marriage of musical and visual arts.

The recital stage will be available for small ensemble concerts and studio recitals for an affordable fee.

The recital stage will also be used for a variety of lectures and community presentations. Thus, BDAC’s new home has the potential to become a gathering place for all community members.

BDAC Needs Your Support

BDAC needs to raise $100,000 for:

A Steinway Grand Piano


Audience Chairs


Audio/Visual Equipment


Recording Equipment.


Sponsorship and Donation Levels

BDAC has innovative sponsorships and donation levels for individuals, families and businesses. BDAC accepts donations online using PayPal’s secure payment engine, or if your prefer we will send you a donation form and return envelope.